WindowFlow lists all your open application windows along with a preview, making switching between windows fast and predictable.

Simple, Intuitive Window Switching

Mac OS X's built in Command-Tab application switcher is fast but frustrating for not listing individual windows;

Expose looks great but gets unwieldy with a large number of windows;

WindowFlow combines the speed of command-tab with the visual quality of Expose.

You get an easy to read list of all your open application windows and a preview of each one. The mini-desktop at the end of the window list shows you the location of the window on the desktop.

Looking For WindowFlow Pro?

The Pro version of WindowFlow, which adds moving, resizing and tiling is now called Optimal Layout.

Watch the screencast at to see how what Optimal Layout can do and check out the feature comparrison below:

Awesome Features WindowFlow Optimal Layout
Lists all your open app windows for quick switching
Quickly move groups of windows between spaces
A slick new user interface
Move & resize app windows seamlessly from your keyboard  
Re-arrange whole groups of windows to instantly fill your screen  
A warm fuzzy feeling for supporting independent Mac development  

WindowFlow is produced by Most Advantageous, an independent software developer based in Australia. Copyright 2010 Benedict Lowndes