Instantly switch to the window you want

Just start typing the name of the app, window or browser tab you want.
This is the fastest way to switch windows; no more hunting around for the right one.

Easily arrange groups of windows to fill your screen

Position windows instantly with keyboard shortcuts or rapidly draw windows into position using your mouse.
Leaving you with a neatly arranged screen so you can see & do more.

Watch the quick intro screencast to see Optimal Layout in action (1:34).

Find the window you want

Get straight to the window or tab you want by typing part of it's name.

Optimal Layout will filter it's list of windows to show application, window and tab titles that match the search text. This is the quickest way to get to the window you want.

Watch the window switching screencast (3:41).

Organize your workspace

Transform the chaos of a messy desktop into neatly arranged windows and easily see all the information you want.

Optimal Layout gives you the best tools for organizing your applications windows, letting you enjoy a richer & more ordered screen.

Watch the window positioning screencast (3:29).

Work the way you want

All aspects of Optimal Layouts style, behavior and keyboard commands are customizable:

Define custom window positions with keyboard shortcuts; Show frequently used positions in the menu bar; Completetly replace the command-tab app switcher. See the varied styles on Flickr.

Watch the customization screencast (2:39).